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AIVA 9001 computerizes the supply management process, starting from the calculation of materials demand up to the registration of materials delivery to the warehouses.

Supply process computerization is beneficial for company in various aspects:


1.              AIVA performs the formulation and issue of the orders to suppliers considerably faster than using the usual means, therefore, valuable staff time is saved, and the required materials are ordered more quickly.

2.              Whereas AIVA generates the orders to suppliers using the accumulated data, the potential data entry errors and associated problems are prevented.

3.              Under the circumstances, when large quantities are to be purchased and the material prices are changing frequently, the Price Survey Module provides up to 5% reduction of the prices of the goods being procured.

4.              All orders are sent via e-mail, the telephone communication costs are saved.

5.              Reduced production downtime due to ill-timed ordered materials. Each day, AIVA, after receipt of the orders, quickly recalculates the need of materials and sends new orders to suppliers, therefore only a low probability remains to forget to order the materials in time.

6.              Using the AIVA supply module together with production planning module, the materials can be ordered accurately for their planned time of consumption, resulting in savings on material storage.

7. Using the AIVA supply management system, the company will follow the principles of quality management system ISO 9001.


Introduction of the AIVA in medium-sized or large enterprise, where several employees are busy on supply processes, can give the significant economic benefits in terms of savings on staff remuneration after reducing a scale of the needed accounting and supply staff.


In small-sized enterprises, where these supply operations are carried out by one employee, the economic benefits are possible due to the increased labour efficiency, the reduced workload, possibility to perform the additional functions by the same employee, no need to hire a new employee for the additional functions.


An economic benefit may be easy to calculate after calculations of the expenditures the company incurs to employ the supply managers and estimation of increase in labour productivity after launching AIVA.


  AIVA supply management
  AIVA supply management

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