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AIVA 9001 CRM module is a fully integrated in AIVA 9001 software customer relationship management (CRM) system. Using AIVA 9001 system data and its own data AIVA 9001 CRM for every prospect and customer AIVA 9001 CRM allows to get easily following information:

  • Sent to prospect or customer marketing e-mails with product proposals
  • Customers enquires
  • Planned and realized contacts- telephone calls, meetings etc.
  • Commercial proposals
  • Orders
  • Contracts
  • Proposed and bout goods and services
  • Invoices
  • Debts
  • Files-original scanned contracts, acts, etc.


AIVA 9001 CRM module for every sales manager allow to do:

  • To register customers enquires and plan various contacts- telephone calls, visits, e-mails, etc., with customers
  • To transfer contacts to other sales mangers
  • To get automatic produced plan whole contacts with customers for every day
  • To get automatic reminders about deadlines

For senior managers AIVA 9001 CRM gives easy possibility to control sales manager work in real time and get reports.


AIVA 9001 CRM offers a multilingual user interface that allows companies to work in different user interface (UI) languages on the same.

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Darbo su klientų paklausimais ir užsakymais užduočių planavimo ir kontrolės sistema
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