Complemented product, a product which consists of components, which are combined into a product provided by the technology operations.

The components can be produced as well from materials (hereinafter referred to as the "parts") or collected from other components (hereinafter referred to as "semi-products".

The complex products management consists of two tasks: 1) the product materials and components management and 2) product manufacturing operations management.

Required for manufactoring product components are automatically collected from the warehouse and BOM is prepared . For this purpose program uses data from customer order prepared in CRM module.

 Phisically components  assembly from stock for production  can be performed using  wireless logger scanner. Scanning a logger shows does correct components are  taken.

Manufacturing operations management is performed by printing account with required for order fulfilment operations and barcodes. As an alternative management of manufacturing operations realized through the touch screen.

Who will carry out production operations can apoint shop master using  the program or the



workers can  register themselves scaning  barcode or or registering with RFID card.


The workers themselves record the execution of operations - scanning the account or via the touch screen.

 After scanning the account, the program calculates the effective duration of labor, wage worker, or write off the workpiece material, book produced itms in the stock after the last-product operation.


 The following Fig. show module connections with other AIVA program modules.

AIVA Complemented product management module:

       Fully automates the collection of materials, production and transfer of the accounting functions, thus saving a lot of time management and accounting

       Fully automates the formation of his work, work authorization, and accounting and payroll calculation of output, so you can install a system of incentives for workers


The advantages of the AIVA program


       Required data management of the production orders coming in, so there is no need to bring them

       The entire production process is controlled and measured in real time

       Ability to manage production of any complexity products consisting of nodes, which in turn consists of a subassembly, etc..

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