Production orders managemnt Have question

The production order plan (Master plan) has a number of other options to help manage production .

The list of production orders can be output to Excel format and then printed .

It is possible to review production orders by selected date ranges, vendors, customers, regions, manufacturing and supply status, and so on.

Order production plan can be filtered and leave a review orders according to various criteria : customer's name , manager name, registration periods - orders and planned orders.

The production manager can view each product ordered , the characteristics of the materials , the quantities of materials , manufacturing processes , scope and duration of the discharge and drawings.

The production manager can sort products orders according to their characteristics , for example,   according to the material type and thickness.

 After picking the order form the list is possible to perform these comands:

?       Print customer order

?       Print bill for producion ordered products

?       View the attachments with products drawings and attach new drawings

?       Plan production terms,

?       Make plans:

o   Products components manufacturing plan

o   Products subassembliers production plan

o   Products final assembling production plan from the produced in the factory  components and and from the purchased materials and components


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