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Debt management, cash and expense accounting
E-marketing module
Products catalogues Materials and product catalog development module
Account & Contact Management CRM- Action planning with clients and registration module
Quotation & Order Management Machine and working place resource occupation diagram
E-commerce E-commerce module for manufacturing company
Inventory management Primary and Secondary Package weight, netto and brutto, invoicing
Production mangement Internal production order mangement
Manufacturing management: Materials Requirement calculation for materials and ordering, write-off, billing
Manufacturing operation management: production operations billing, measuring operation time, semi-finished product billing
Manufacturing Resource Planning, order and production order management module in form of Gantt chart
Manufacturing operations management using Bar Code: production order developement and operations management by scanning
Production order and operations management using touch screen module
Manufacturing accounting Materials and products accounting module
Personnel management Atlyginimų bei jų mokesčių skaičiavimo ir apskaitos sistema
Personnel wages calculation based on work produced or personal sales profit module
Finance managment AIVA 9001 FINANCE management software
Integrated Asset Accounting Inventory and LT asset management
Administrative tools Dictionaries needed to run the program development and user rights management module

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