Aiva SYSTEM designe websites with e-commerce  systems which are related to the programs we develop. In this way, leave it alone no longer content to your site because the information from the program can be displayed in real time on your web site. Eg. Products and precise product in stock, order status, and so on.

     Also, small businesses and organizations that are not ready for larger investments, we offer very affordable, but also large potential solution - a website with content management system The creation of such sites cost only $ 150 + VAT, and if the customer brings the same information without training, it is nothing open to him free of charge - only further support (hosting) 9 EUR/month. At  can try this free site-building tool.

    Organisations and companies wishing to design originality, we can create The original design of the preferred options to Web site. Such sites depend on the cost of design and site functionality.
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