AIVA SISTEMA specializes in inventing simple solutions to complex and unusual problems. As a regional pioneer, AIVA started from the production of the high quality “TORNADO” computers and servers, which were considered one of the best at the time. We were the first to provide Internet services in Lithuania and we opened the first online store in the region in 1999 and our main activity had become software development.

We have engineered our main product “AIVA 9001” with one goal in mind – to offer an universal solution for any kind of business. It is a constantly evolving product, and has been for over 10 years, to meet the ever growing list of demands from our clients.  Our products are installed in numerous enterprises, from small to large. We have the most experience working with businesses that specialize in manufacturing (especially of custom made items), construction, wholesale, retail and repairs.

The focus of our company is to always keep our clients satisfied and provide them with solutions that save them money and time. We embrace new technologies and incorporate them into our products.

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