AIVA 9001 PRINTING OFFICE- CRM, ERP, E-commerce and E-marketing software Have question

E- commerce, E-marketing, CRM, sales automation and ERP complex solution
      AIVA 9001 Printing Office software product designed for a calculation of printing costs, sales automation, 
      contacts with  customers management, production control, supply management, accounting, printing product e-       marketing and e- commerce. 
      All input data for costing calculations are free adjustable. A user can change them or fill in according to own his
      The calculation data further are used to create commercial offers, to order a paper for printing ordered products,
      to manage customers orders production plan, to income products in warehouse and to print invoices.
AIVA 9001 software main functions for printing house SME
CRM-customer relationship management
PURCHASING- materials purchasing process automation
·          Customers registration and search
·          Supplier and materials catalogues
·          Registration of customers inquires and planning contacts
·          Clients product orders transforming to required paper orders 
·          Automatic day contacts plan for sales managers
·          Automatic orders to suppliers calculation using stock levels
·          Automatic contact reminder
·          Automatic formatting e-mail letters for suppliers
·          Possibility to transfer contacts to other manager
·          Reports
SALES- sales managers labor automation and accounting
Materials and products accounting
·          Price calculations for all kinds of printing products
·          Materials Receipts and Replenishment
·          Automation of Commercial offers preparing process
·          Printing Products income in warehouse
·          Automation of preparing Contracts and proforma invoices
·          Products Shipments
·          Customer orders transfer to manufacturing orders
·          Customer Invoices and Returns
·          Customers inquires and orders fulfillment control
·          Printing sticks with bar codes for produced products
·          Orders payments control
·          Internal translocation of goods
·          Sales reports
·          Warehouses reports
Production control
·          Orders production planning dates
·          Automatic calculation required paper to fulfill orders
·          Automatic required paper data transfer from stock to production and accounting
·          Product completing management
·          Production operation control
E- commerce- B2C and B2B
·          Products and services catalogue
·          Using product catalog to prepare marketing offers
·          Printing products price calculation and order
·          Using various possibilities to select customers from database
·          Invoicing and credit card payment support
·          Reports
·          Possibility for clients to control fulfillment of their orders.
·          Integration with CRM
Labor payment calculation
·          Staff registration database
·          Chart of accounts creation
·          Salaries calculation depending on sales
·          Automatic bookkeeping entrees recording in sales process
·          Reports
·          Posting entries to ledger accounts
·          Income statement.
Advantages of AIVA 9001 software
    Economical                                                                                                            Technological
·          Significantly reduces staff occupation and costs
·          My SQL database
·          Sales growing enhancement and bigger profits
·          Multilingual data entry and software environment
·          Better staff control
·          Multi currencies
·          Better customer service
·          Internet technology

Debt management, cash and expense accounting
E-marketing module
Products catalogues Materials and product catalog development module
Account & Contact Management CRM- Action planning with clients and registration module
Sales automation Sales force automation module for production management
E-commerce E-commerce module for manufacturing company
Purchasing Material supply management module
Production mangement Manufacturing management: Materials Requirement calculation for materials and ordering, write-off, billing
Manufacturing operation management: production operations billing, measuring operation time, semi-finished product billing
Manufacturing Resource Planning, order and production order management module in form of Gantt chart
Vieno sudėtingumo lygio gaminių aprašomų per charakteristikas užsakymų valdymo formos papildymas komandomis atidaryti formas: Operacijų valdymo, Pajamavimo, Medžiagų nurašymo, bei papildyti vykdomos operacijos rodymu naujame stulpelyje
Production order and operations management using touch screen module
Manufacturing accounting Materials and products accounting module
Personnel management Atlyginimų bei jų mokesčių skaičiavimo ir apskaitos sistema
Personnel wages calculation based on work produced or personal sales profit module
Finance managment AIVA 9001 FINANCE management software
Integrated Asset Accounting Inventory and LT asset management
Administrative tools Dictionaries needed to run the program development and user rights management module
Documents managment AIVA DOCUMENTS - Documents registration and accomplishment control software (local version)
Interface with outside software Žinynų importo ir PVM sąskaitų faktūrų eksporto į AGNUM duomenų bazę modulis

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