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AIVA 9001 e-marketing software allows SME better to serve its customers and to find new customers.

This software can be used as a part of AIVA 9001 software or like own.


To send e-mails with AIVA 9001 E-marketing software is possible using its own created customer database or importing e-mail database from outside. Also AIVA 9001 e-marketing software uses the same product catalog like AIVA 9001 e- commerce system and AIVA 9001 sales automation system.


With AIVA 9001 e-marketing software allows to format from product database and to send by e-mail:

·          Pricelists

·          New goods descriptions

·          Special offers

Receiving e-mail customer can directly from e-mail massage select required items, print invoice and send their order, which is automatically written by software in database for further management.


Main functions

AIVA 9001 software main functions are:

1) compose and send e-mail messages to customers

·          Maintaining offers texts registry with all created texts

·          Compose e-massage from offer text and description or list of the goods from product catalogue

·          Select price level or / and show discounts

·          Select customers from customer database according various filters

·          Send e-mails to selected group of customers in every letter incorporating customers company name, job title and name of contact person

2) Allow customers refuse from getting marketing messages with input their e-mail address in message

and for company to have report about such customers

3) to have report about sent massages with lists of recipients and texts of offers

4) to format and print pricelists as well as export them to excel

5) For customers to look sent them by e-mail offers in company’s website using given the parole




 Advantages of AIVA 9001 E-marketing software :

·          Better customer service allowing to give them in time required information

·          Sales boost

·          Allows to find new customers


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